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Hiya, I'm Brad. I'm a Bard from 419 hence I tend to call myself Bard 419 online in games and shit. Some info: I'm like 6 feet tall. Live in Toledo and stuck in Ohio. I weigh around 160lbs. I have dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes. I like to smoke a lot. I write songs on guitar and rap on beats. Inbox me some love.

May 28, 2012 at 2:40am
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tw: discussion of suicide →








snipped for being horrible

I don’t want to justify suicide as much as teach people how necessary understanding is in order to reach people who are in danger of committing suicide. If your depression was egging you on to commit suicide would you go to this person for help? This kind of smug self-righteousness only makes the problem worse and forces more people who are contemplating suicide into greater secrecy. If one truly wants to help people from embracing suicide as a solution, it is absolutely necessary to consider their point of view instead of slandering them as cowardly or selfish. Why they are doing it according to THEM and not what you think is vital to truly help them. This attitude doesn’t and only serves to shame (which, with depression, only makes things worse.)

This. Suicidal tendencies aren’t often obvious. If you talk like this about suicide in front of one of your friends who might be struggling, guess who isn’t going to ask you to help them? Seriously, don’t be an asshole. You do not know who’s suffering, and you could be making your friend’s problem worse.

snipped once more because jfc

And it’s wonderful for you that you never did, and I’m serious about that, but depression has an actual biological effect on the brain; there are quite a few theories about the mechanism of how it starts, but it’s absolutely a physical phenomenon. Just because your depression did not manifest with suicidal thoughts does not mean people who do have them can “just snap out of it”. Your neurons are actually damaged. Just saying “oh I am going to feel better now” will not fix that. That sort of thinking is counter-productive, and I’m honestly not going to respond to you again after this message because of your ignorance.

once again, snipped for offensiveness

I’m going to stop this conversation here. You don’t understand the brain or why it does the things it does, and I’m not going to give you Neuroscience 101 because you won’t admit you’re wrong, no matter how much I try to explain things to you. Depression is a legitimate medical condition. You would not tell someone with a broken leg, “Oh, what’s wrong with you, just walk”. If someone is contemplating suicide, they also most likely have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder or something of that caliber. Telling them to stop thinking about it will not fix it. They need therapy, they may need medication, but they do not need people like you pretending to know things.

I won’t admit that I’m wrong.

Has your neuroscience education saved the lives of those that think about suicide even though they have no neurological disease? Last time I checked physiology and psychology are two different kinds of studies so your reference to a broken leg is like total bullshit.

I clearly won’t change my point of view, but your education in psychology has not taught you that you’re wasting your time arguing against me because I won’t be swayed.

I actually have around 99% of the symptoms of several mental disorders and they don’t stop me from thinking that I am in control of every action I take.


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    No-one said it was an okay thing, but your views on it are not okay and make it clear you have no idea what it is like...
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    to thinhline—not iwantmybroodwarback: THIS. I, thankfully, have never been in the position of seriously contemplating...
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    This sounds like rant you’d hear on South Park.
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    This is a great response and I hope you feel great about it. People who are suicidal are not cowards, and they need...
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    One can say that suicide has a connection to emotion, in as much as most of our decisions in life are connected to...
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    Also, for any fucks seeing this and using the science bit to justify this; the mind can overcome most stituations it is...
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    I already explained that depression is both psychological and physiological. You clearly either will not or cannot...
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    That… that little bit there was very hard to read. People that deal with suicidal thoughts often know the arguments...
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    ^ THANK YOU.